Our Suppliers

Seema Overseas purchases power tools from well-known companies that meet rigorous quality guidelines. One of the many suppliers we have partnered is Bosch- over 130 year old company that manufactures more than 8000 products, while maintaining the rich manufacturing tradition. We source a variety of accessories from Bosch, such as Drilling SDS Plus Hammer, Jigsaw Blades, Sabre Saw Blade, Circular Saw Blades, Coated Abrasives, and Metal Drill Bits. Our personnel often visit to suppliers' production units to communicate requirements of customers to their engineers and designers.

Experienced Staff

The director of the company made sure that only qualified personnel who are passionate about their work are recruited. Each and every employee is technically trained, so that they can easily meet the individual customer requirements. The sales and marketing personnel have in-depth knowledge of the products, their specifications and applications. The warehousing personnel make sure the products are stored systematically and each package is properly labeled at the time of shipment. They all together bring years of experience to customer applications.


Our accessories, like Circular Saw Blades, Metal Drill Bits and more are supplied to woodworking and metalworking companies throughout the country for cutting, sizing, carving, sanding, grinding, abrasive machining and finishing applications on sheet metal, wood or wood composites. These tools are added on power tools and machines, like:

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to develop strong relationships with both, customers and suppliers of power tool accessories in India. We make sure that the accessories we procure are of highest quality standards, so that woodworking and metalworking companies efficiently execute their processes.